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Our son Ryan was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma in 2004. In 2007, my wife Missy was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer. On July 8th, 2009, Missy lost her battle to this horrible disease. 2 days later, on July 10th, Ryan also lost his. Together forever, they both watch over our family now from the heavens above. Below is our families journey through Ryan's treatments, along with the joy and laughter we tried to instill into our daily lives. Those days helped us all cope with the pain and suffering that comes with cancer and it's deadly treatments. Both Missy and Ryan endured high doses of chemo, radiation and surgeries. Over 150 nights spent in the hospital and many, many more days. More transfusions than I could count. Yet both Missy and Ryan took on each day with a positive attitude and warm smile for all their friends. We miss them terribly. They will always be a shining light in our lives.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Happy Birthday Ryan

I could sure use a Birthday hug. I miss you terribly.


Monday, July 20, 2009



Adrenalin runs through our veins making it bearable to continue on, even when you feel everything should be falling apart. I'm smart enough to know that this won't last long and I'm bracing myself for both the highs and horrible lows of grieving.
I have so many people to thank for making the last 2 weeks smoother that anyone could have imagined.
Julie and Smith, I truly hate that you have any experience in the planning and execution of a funeral. It absolutely tears me apart, but you have helped us out on so many levels. The service was perfect, there's nothing else to say...Thank you both, I know it was extremely difficult for you to go through again and I have asked more from you than I should have.
To my mom, you mean the world to me. I thank God to have you in my life. You knew exactly what was needed during the last month and a half, amazing. Thank you to the Bailey's for everything they have done for us and for graciously standing along side me during all the planning.
I have many wonderful people to thank, among them are, Wade and Donna, Mureil, Kristen, Jay, Steve, Jimmy, Johnny, Danny, Scott and Kristy, Karen, Bud-Ken-Michael-Jon, for picking up all my office workload, The First Baptist Church of Bethlehem, Smith Funeral Home, my family for flying in and staying with us, making sure everything was always done for us.
I feel as if I am operating in and out of a fog, forgetting things I have just said or done. I hope and pray that I can fill the understanding, compassion, wisdom and parenting skills that our family has lost. I honestly thought that losing Ryan would be the toughest part of this ordeal, it's not, I miss Missy unbelievably. My heart is in pieces. I don't know if I can raise these two beautiful children the way we could have together. I hope I won't let them or her down. I'm just scared. Les
The after party, PARTY !
Ryan always said " I like to be formal...but I also like to party "
We love you Ryan Reid !!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Tribute Video Updated

Missy and Ryan

What a great job Julie !
Thank you xo

Monday, July 13, 2009


Tune in.....

11Alive News will tonight, at 6:00 pm, air a special tribute to Missy and Ryan.
Many thanks to Missy's friends Jill Becker and Kristin Connor for making this happen!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Channel 11 story

News story follow up

Friday, July 10, 2009


Memorial Update

Please note the Service venue change
Please join us in celebrating Missy's and Ryan's life
Visitation will be at
Smith Funeral Home
Friday, July 17th 2-4pm, 6-9pm
Saturday, July 18th 10am-12pm
755 Atlanta Hwy SE
Winder, GA 30680-4474
(770) 867-4553
Service will be held
Bethlehem First Baptist Church
Saturday, July 18th 2pm
548 Christmas Avenue(Hwy 11 North)
Bethlehem, GA 30620


Missy is holding one of her babies...

Early this afternoon, Heidi, Will and myself let our little Ryan go to be with Missy. He was so peaceful. I can feel Missy's arms wrapped around this shattered family, trying hard to make us be at peace.
Les, Heidi and Will

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Broken Hearted

I'm so sorry to have to say to all our dear friends that Missy lost her battle with cancer this evening. I truly wish I could personally call each one of her awesome supporters.


The age old question...WHY ?

As Missy's and Ryan's friends call and write, come and go throughout the day, the hours seem to last forever and at the same time, go by in the blink of an eye. This is a process that every one of us will have to endure during our lifetime. There is no easy way. For us older types, the pain is now, and very sharp. For our children, the duration of that pain is many times longer. They are also afraid of what the future holds. My job is to make that pain filled time as short as I can. So we are planning a celebration of two wonderful lives. Both having sooo many friends near and far. We do not have a date planned but this is a notice to anyone that would love to share a special moment or say how Missy or Ryan has effected their life. Just shoot an email if you feel up to speaking. I realize that some people are gifted with the ability to stand firm and speak from the heart, while others, like me, are freezers... But we'll take you all, we have time :)
It will be a day that will live in our children's memory forever. It is up to us to help make it uplifting for them and proud.
In lieu of flowers, we will be taking donations for Missy's and Ryan's dear charities, CURE and The Lighthouse.
In God We Trust, Les, Missy, Heidi, Will and SuperRyan

Monday, July 06, 2009


Long weekend...

Since we got back home last Friday, Ryan has been doing relatively well with his IV pain medicines. He had a couple dose adjustments over the weekend. He is getting fluids during the night but still refuses to eat anything even though he and I had ventured out to the grocery store and bought a bunch of all his favorite snacks. His esophageal pain is better but he still winces and crys when he swallows because of chest and tummy pain.
Missy has gotten so much worse since Friday. She can no longer stand and is confused the majority of the time. Occasionally she is cognitive and that brings a much needed smile to me. Thank goodness my mom is still here. She has extended her return home by a couple more weeks. With both of them this ill, you can't leave either alone hardly for a minute.
Their new Doctor is coming out today with their nurse. We need to revise the plan and have a nurse here all during the day. With prayers, Les, Missy, Heidi, Will and SuperRyan

Thursday, July 02, 2009


Five years.....

Today is the last day we will be inpatient at Scottish Rite. We have been fortunate to have been given a great team that has cared for Ryan since first coming here in '04. The change in his health is very evident. Prior to these last 2 weeks, he would beg to get out of the hospital. He attempted on many occasions, bribing the Doctors. He talked his way out of ICU to go home just 12 hours after an 8 hour surgery! Now...he just wants to stay :'(

How do we even fathom what is transpiring? How did we possibly end up with both Ryan and Missy beginning home bound pain treatment the very same day...

How did we get so lucky to have such an unbelievable group of friends and family who have stepped up and gone out of their way to bring so much joy into Ryan's life. For that, we are truly grateful. We are not sure what the future holds but we do know this, we plan on continueing to appreciated every moment, we plan on trying to keep, at the very least, smiles in our house. We also plan to keep praying for miracles...Les, Missy, Heidi, Will and SuperRyan

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